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HR Service

Experience unified work across locations for enhanced ROI.


Why Do You Need HRSD

Fed up with manual HR tasks, disorganized data, and unhappy staff? Let Link Square and ServiceNow simplify HR management for a better employee experience.


Prioritize Service-Centric Operations

ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery (HRSD) offers organizations a comprehensive solution for optimizing HR service delivery. By streamlining and automating HR processes, HRSD aims to elevate the overall employee experience while increasing HR efficiency and compliance with HR policies and regulations. This centralized platform empowers employees to easily access HR services, information, and support through a user-friendly self-service portal. HRSD encompasses a wide array of features and functionalities, spanning employee onboarding, offboarding, case management, knowledge management, and more.

Implementing ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery ensures a seamless and efficient HR operation that not only benefits employees but also helps HR teams meet their goals effectively.

Leverage HRSD Benefits


Enhancing Employee Experience

HRSD enhances employee experience through a self-service portal, enabling convenient access to HR services and info. Users can request assistance, seek HR-related answers, and monitor case progress. This user-centric platform boosts satisfaction, engagement, and employee autonomy.


Streamlining HR Operations

HRSD automates and streamlines HR processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity for HR teams. Standardized workflows, automated approvals, and notifications ensure consistent, timely service. It simplifies onboarding, offboarding, and case management, reducing errors. HR teams can then focus on strategic initiatives.


Improving Compliance and Reporting

HRSD centralizes HR data, automates processes, and enforces compliance with policies and regulations. This ensures consistency and accuracy in HR operations, while robust reporting and analytics offer insights for data-driven decisions, process optimization, and HR function improvement.

Here's How Our Clients Making The Most of HRSD

"HRSD is a game-changer for HR. Compliance made easy, efficiency boosted, and HR insights fuel our success."
"HRSD is our HR superhero. It simplifies compliance, supercharges efficiency, and empowers us with valuable HR insights."
"HRSD redefines HR excellence. Compliance is seamless, efficiency soars, and we make informed HR decisions effortlessly."
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