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Virtual Practice

Offering seamless solutions for modern business excellence virtually

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Edge with the Right Talent

Drawing from hours of hands-on experience, Link Square offers all things ServiceNow. Our dedicated team ensures widespread access to resources for seamless implementation and adoption. With a client-centric Virtual Practice, we deliver remote expertise tailored to project needs. Link Square supports VARs in providing ServiceNow advisory, implementation, and support services.

Services We Offer

Comprehensive solutions, from consulting to implementation, for all your business needs.

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Precision Talent Evaluation

We meticulously interview and assess every resource, ensuring personal qualification, thorough references, and technical verification. Our commitment to precision guarantees the best fit for your assignments.

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Agile Staffing Solutions

Link Square swiftly responds to your ServiceNow resource needs within hours or days, not weeks or months. With a robust talent pool, we expedite experienced ServiceNow professionals for short-term projects, long-term programs, or support arrangements.


Strategic Partnership

Link Square fosters enduring partnerships, continuously tailoring our services to exceed client expectations. Our adaptive approach enables clients to flexibly scale resources, ensuring responsiveness to fluctuating demand cycles.


Efficient Cost Management

Harness Link Square's virtual bench to eliminate the burden of searching, hiring, and retaining premium ServiceNow talent. Save your organization time, effort, and money, allowing resources to be directed strategically.

Information Technology

Risk Mitigation Excellence

Engage Link Square's seasoned ServiceNow consultants for heightened project success. Our expert guidance ensures a seamless journey, steering clear of setbacks and issues that could impede your ServiceNow implementation.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Services

"Transforming employee services, Link Square ensures seamless support and empowerment, reaching our workforce wherever they are."
"At the helm of things, Link Square empowers your teams for strategic success, driving outcomes through meticulous planning, delivery, and tracking."
"Link Square is your go-to for cost optimization, smoothly handling risks, and automating IT records through integrated CMDB."
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