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GRC and Security Operations

Bridge silos for risk management and compliance enhancement.

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Why Do You Need SecOps/GRC

Worried about rising cybersecurity threats and regulatory complexity? ServiceNow SecOps and GRC offer a robust and all-in-one solution for streamlined security operations and effortless compliance management.

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Automate Security and IT Integration

Our Security Operations solution seamlessly integrates incident data from various security tools, employing intelligent workflows and automation. It collaborates closely with IT to prioritize and resolve threats, safeguarding your organization's well-being.

Respond to business risks proactively by unifying security and IT through an integrated risk program that delivers continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation.

Leverage SecOps/GRC Upsides


Streamlined Security Operations

Optimize security operations with SecOps. Centralize and automate tasks for improved incident response and threat detection. Real-time visibility into events, vulnerabilities, and threat data allows swift response. Foster seamless collaboration across teams to proactively defend your organization against evolving cybersecurity threats.


Efficient GRC Management

Efficiently manage governance, risk, and compliance with ServiceNow GRC. Streamline policies, risk assessments, controls, and audits on a unified platform. Automate workflows, monitor controls, and generate regulatory reports. Gain real-time insights for proactive risk management and strong governance.


Integrated Intelligent Automation

Experience integrated intelligent automation with ServiceNow. Connect security operations, GRC, and IT operations for seamless collaboration and holistic security. Streamline processes, automate tasks, and enhance efficiency. Simplify complex workflows, from incident response to audit management, and focus resources on strategic initiatives.

Here's How Our Clients Maximizing SecOps/GRC Benefits

Link Square's SecOps/GRC is the key to our security and compliance success. It simplifies our compliance, boosts our efficiency, and equips us with essential insights."
"With Link Square's SecOps/GRC, compliance becomes a breeze, efficiency soars, and it provides us with invaluable insights for success."
"Link Square's SecOps/GRC solutions are the backbone of our security and compliance efforts. They simplify our tasks, supercharge our efficiency, and provide us with essential insights."
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