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Strategic Portfolio Management

Plan, coordinate, and achieve business goals through one unified platform.

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Why Opt for SPM

ServiceNow's Strategic Portfolio Management application harmonizes business and IT approaches, fostering comprehensive visibility for data-informed decision-making, dismantling barriers, and fortifying connections among internal business collaborators.


Bridging Strategy and Delivery

ServiceNow's Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) workflows are a vital resource for optimizing business service development, delivery, and management. These workflows ensure tight alignment with technology initiatives, facilitating strategic planning, precise prioritization, and efficient service execution. With data-driven decision-making and judicious resource allocation, SPM minimizes redundancy, enhances efficiency, and fosters transparency throughout the service lifecycle.

SPM bridges the gap between strategic objectives and operational execution, ensuring that technology investments consistently align with broader business goals. This approach enhances organizational agility and competitiveness in today's dynamic business environment.

Harness SPM Benefits


Strategic Planning: Prioritize and Roadmap

Leverage a top-down approach to emphasize high-level elements such as initiatives and strategic programs. Assess alignment with lower-level work (projects, demands, epics) through prioritization and track their progress efficiently using Roadmaps.


Export Portfolio Plan Status

Effortlessly create status reports for your portfolio plans, including achievements, risks, and crucial metrics using the Export to PowerPoint feature in the Strategic Portfolio Management application. Customize the data to include in your report and easily share it with stakeholders, even if they don't have ServiceNow access.


Efficient Resource Management

Utilize the Project Workspace's resource management capabilities to effortlessly create, plan, and track resource assignments at any project phase. This streamlined process ensures efficient allocation and utilization, ultimately contributing to successful project execution and delivery.

Here's How Our Clients Making The Most of SPM

"Link Square's SPM elevates our strategic planning. We easily prioritize high-level objectives, align them with projects, and monitor progress effectively using Roadmaps."
"With Link Square's SPM, we optimize strategic planning, prioritize high-level goals, and efficiently track progress using Roadmaps, enhancing excellence in our strategic initiatives."
"Link Square's SPM is our strategic planning ally. It simplifies prioritization, aligns high-level objectives with projects, and seamlessly tracks progress with Roadmaps."
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