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IT Asset Management

Automate software, hardware, and cloud lifecycles on one platform.

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Why Do You Need ITAM?

Struggling with IT asset chaos? Compliance woes? License overspending? Link Square streamline IT Asset Management with ServiceNow solutions.

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Lead Your Asset Management

ServiceNow's IT Asset Management (ITAM) application empowers organizations to efficiently manage their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. ITAM encompasses acquiring, tracking, maintaining, and retiring IT assets, including hardware, software, and virtual resources. With ServiceNow's ITAM, organizations gain visibility and control over their IT assets, ensuring compliance, cost reduction, and optimal utilization.

Leveraging ServiceNow's ITAM, organizations streamline asset management, mitigate compliance risks, and maximize the value of IT investments. This comprehensive toolset facilitates proactive asset management, informed decision-making, and long-term cost savings, contributing to sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Leverage ITAM Benefits


Streamlined Asset Management

ITAM centralizes IT assets, offering a comprehensive view of your inventory. Gain real-time visibility into location, status, ownership, and configurations of hardware, software, and virtual assets. Track lifecycles, optimize usage, and ensure compliance for cost reduction and risk mitigation.


Improved Cost Efficiency

ITAM optimizes asset costs, tracks licenses, and prevents violations. It eliminates overspending, identifies underused assets for redeployment, and provides actionable insights for data-driven decisions. Align IT spending with business goals and streamline procurement for cost savings.


Optimized Risk and Compliance

ITAM ensures compliance with licensing, regulations, and policies, effectively managing contracts, tracking terms, and mitigating risks. Streamline audits, navigate IT asset governance complexities, and minimize legal, financial, and security risks in your compliance and risk management solution.

Here's How Our Clients Maximizing ITAM Benefits

"Choosing Link Square for ITAM was the best decision. Everything just flows better—asset tracking is simpler, discrepancies vanish quickly, and our asset management efficiency is soaring."
"With Link Square's ITAM, our asset management has taken a leap—assets are tracked more efficiently, discrepancies are swiftly resolved, and we're managing assets like never before."
"Link Square's ITAM is our secret asset management weapon. Tracking assets is a breeze, discrepancies disappear, and our asset management has never been more seamless. 
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